Social Club reveals Misfits 2 album cover and release date

ImageAfter the very well received and widely successful “Misfits EP” we now get the second installment. The indie rap group Social Club revealed a release date to their new project “Misfits 2” and also the album cover. For those who don’t know about Social Club here is a quick recap. They are a indie rap group that is just dope, plane and simple. Labeled as a “Christian group” is just not fair. Yes they are “Christians” and they are a “Duo” but they are also Hip-Hop lyricist and real recognize real. Their music can go toe to toe with commercially radio played rap but what makes them different is the message in the songs. After a while the radio just sounds the same and thats when indie groups shine like Social Club. The track below is from the “Misfits EP” If you like it make sure and support by buying “Misfits” on itunes and make sure to pick up “Misfits 2” on April 29.

“I didn’t choose the Pug life, the Pug life chose me.”

Pick up Misfits – Ep on itunes                                                              Follow @socialxclub on twitter


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