Is Batman Vs. Superman getting to many Justice League members

justice-league-1-fullNow after Wonder Woman was announced a while back,  rumors of more characters from the Justice League are making their way into the Superman vs Batman aka Man of Steel 2 movie. It was announced by Variety that Ray Fisher was casted as Cyborg. Still there is another rumor that another JL member is still missing. Is this the movie we thought we were gonna see when announced at comic con? It sounds more and more like WB is secretly prepping The Justice League within Man of Steel 2. Hopefully these three JL members are cameos and don’t steer away from what is really running through our minds, which is a badass battle between  batman and superman.  On another note this is kinda looking bright for The Justice League film. It’s good to see WB slowly, and when I say slowly I mean snail slow,  lineup and set their DC universe up.


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