DC Comic News: Zack Snyder to direct “Justice League”

Justice Leauge Lineup 2

WB studio’s production president Greg Silverman confirmed that Zack Snyder would follow-up his 2016 Batman/Superman movie with  Justice League to theaters sometime in 2018.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal he said,

“It will be a further expansion of this universe, Superman vs Batman will lead into Justice League.”

Now I don’t know about you but I think he might have slipped up. He just Called the current film Snyder is working on “Superman Vs. Batman” Now it may not be anything but if he did slip up we just got out Movie title for the very long awaited film! Then again I, as well as many comic book fanatics, might just be reading a little much into this.

Now that the Justice League film has been announced as a back to back filming to Superman Vs. Batman it makes sense that the films date was pushed back from its original release date. Still with all the news of  more and more Justice League members being confirmed the news of a Justice League film is now making sense.  It was last week that theater actor Ray Fisher was confirmed as Cyborg and months ago Gal Gadot was confirmed as Wonder Woman. This leaves three members left to have a full roster in the Justice League movie. Although Green Lantern played by Ryan Renold flopped in the box office, Ryan is not to blame for it. The failure of Green Lantern was in the story line and not in Ryans delivery as an Actor. Still with that being said it is unclear if Ryan Renold will come back as the Green Lantern in the Justice League film.  A rumor has been going around that Matt Damon is being sought for the role as Aquaman, amongst other actors. Leaving the mystery actor to flash.

What we really need to see here is that Warner Bros. is finally having confidence in their DC properties and planning ahead. Marvel has planned their films in phases and it has been proven a success. If DC can plan films and follow through we may see our Justice League heroes in stand alone films. For now I’m just imagining the badass action scenes that the Justice League is gonna have with Snyder at the helm.



 Source via ( Wall Street Journal )


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