Celebrities take selfies right before a scene.

TNT Russia put together movies to make famous movie characters look like they’re taking selfies during a scene. You can’t help but laugh. The person who pitched this idea is just,  Brilliant!


‘Deliver Us from Evil’ Movie review

When I first saw the trailer for ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ I was intrigued. The film is based on the book by the same name, written by Ralph Sarchie & Lisa Collier Cool, which details some of his real-life cases. When a film is based on a true story or on true events you can’t help but think “the things I’m about to see really happened or are close to the actual facts.”  With that said when a horror movie is based on true events it goes to show that Evil really exist in the world and makes it that much more scary. 

The movie starts off with a grim feel to it. Cop on duty gets a call from dispatch to check out a domestic violence report and then weird things begin to happen. The movie carries a dark tone but it injects humor at the wrong time. As soon as the eeriness starts wrapping you into the story the humor cuts  through and rests your emotions during the film. I wouldn’t call this movie a horror film but more of a dark suspense thriller comedy.Yes comedy, for some strange reason the film uses comedy before anything weird happens. And for some strange reason it’s always raining…well not always but for the majority of the film it is.  The film lacks in trying to get you to feel for the characters. Even those classic loud sound jump scenes don’t quit scare. In the film Mendoza (priest) and Sarchie (cop) talk about the nature of evil. Their conversations, if had gone more in depth, could have saved the film. ‘Deliver Us from Evil’ tries to give the viewers a little bit of everything and that’s where it falls apart.  All and all without giving too much of the film, it could have been a great thriller if it had skipped the off beat humor and would have focused more on the detective story than the spiritual conflict of the protagonist.

After seeing Sinister I was expecting an equal to or better film from Scott Derrickson. No doubt in my mind that Evil does exist but when you give a comedic twist to a dark truth you’re kinda sending mixed signals to the audience.