‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ quick review


Ok I’m going to make this quick, Guardians of the Galaxy is Awesome! THE END.

No, literally its that good. The chemistry between the cast fits very well and the music used just gets the mood going. You will literally be smiling the whole time and laughing . The film has a lot of heart and you really get attached with the characters. For an unknown property to most of the public who haven’t heard of  The Guardians comics you’ll end up wanting more.  And thats a good thing because it really didn’t feel like a comicbook movie but more of a fun space adventure and as far as an origin story its not slow nor boring. In fact ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ has got to be one of the few films this year that has been balanced properly. I did find that music played a big part in the movie and you know what ,personally, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. has got to be one of the better soundtrack compilations this year as well. (Go buy it!)

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Bloodless violence and soft expletives.

Look I’m not going to be one of those sites that reviews the movie and breaks it down to the point where they basically tell you everything. There are things I could write about the movie that would take away from the experience and the surprise of what the film has in store. Simply put if you enjoyed ‘The Avengers’ you will enjoy ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ better yet you might like it a little more and you might find yourself cheering and clapping at the end.

 James Gunn delivered, Chris Pratt delivered…heck the whole cast and everyone involved delivered.

Go watch it one time. Then again to catch the little things missed. Then again because you know you want to.


Directed by James Gunn and staring

  • Chris Pratt (Peter Quill)
  • Zoe Saldana (Gamora)
  • Dave Bautista (Drax)
  • Vin Diesel (voice of Groot)
  • Bradley Cooper (voice of Rocket)
  • Lee Pace (Ronan)
  • Michael Rooker (Yondu)
  • Karen Gillan (Nebula)
  • Djimon Hounsou (Korath)
  • John C. Reilly (Corpsman Rhomann Dey)
  • Glenn Close (Nova Prime)
  • and Benicio Del Toro (the Collector)



Marvel News: Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man & Doctor Strange

bannerTime for some news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Feige confirmed that Thanos will appear in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He also hinted at the casting saying 

“There is an actor. I’m not sure we want to announce it yet.”

Well thats Feige for you. What a tease! And as a bonus to this news he went on saying, that Guardians of the Galaxy is linked to  Avengers 3. Question now is how much of Thanos will we see in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Moving on to another Marvel property, Ant Man. Feige went on saying

“It was two things – a story Edgar wanted to tell that we’ll see with Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, and now we’re 11 films in, it’s looking at the characters we’ve already introduced who already have the technology and the brains to do…certain things [laughs].

“We changed, frankly, some of the MCU to accommodate this version of ‘Ant-Man.’ Knowing what we wanted to do with Edgar and with ‘Ant-Man,’ going years and years back, helped to dictate what we did with the roster for ‘Avengers’ the first time. It was a bit of both in terms of his idea for the ‘Ant-Man’ story influencing the birth of the MCU in the early films leading up to ‘Avengers.’”

Seems like even before we were shown this magnificent Marvel Universe on screen, Wright was one of the key elements to the beginning.  Also from what was said about Edgar and his story of Ant Man this gives the motion that Iron Man is the creator of Ultron in The Avengers 2. This isn’t much of a surprise, Iron Man fathering Ultron, since in Iron Man 3 people started to speculate after the destruction of the suits.

And final news for the day is about one of character has been rumored, Doctor Strange.

For those who saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” there is a scene where the name Stephen Strange is mentioned. For those who aren’t emerged in the comic world Stephen Vincent Strange is Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is neurosurgeon who later becomes the Sorcerer Supreme,the primary protector of Earth against magical/mystical threats.  Feige told Empire

“There’s a whole other side to the Marvel universe, which is the supernatural side,” “We’ve always been very interested in this aspect and this is going back to the early days of Strange Tales with Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. I love that stuff. We haven’t done anything that mind-trippy yet and for me, Doctor Strange is our doorway into that.”

This is big news because that means Marvel, with all the movies out so far, is just scratching the surface into this vast universe. Doctor Strange is tapping into a whole new world. I believe this is the biggest news of all because it’s something new we haven’t seen and our imaginations are just going everywhere with the possibilities.  Source: Empire (via CBMLatino ReviewSMN)